a question to you

5 12 2009

I don’t understand why we always need some incident before we realize something. We know that we would have to study even then we wait for deadline. Why is it so that we want to be alone and then we start missing someone when we feel happy or sad?

Happiness is nothing if it is not shared with someone. You can only feel your happiness, you can’t see your facial expression or your smile when you are happy at the moment and that’s the point when you want someone happy because of you (if they really care about your happiness) and you see your own reflection in smile of their face which really makes you enjoy your happiness.

What about sadness? Do we really want to see someone cry because of you? I bet – no. Then why we miss someone when we are sad? I believe that everyone is that capable that he can bear his own tensions but sometimes, having someone around you make you feel that you are not alone, at least someone is with you.

This has always happened to everyone at some point of life that at first place they have forgotten about everyone because they were so busy in their ambitions, were busy in their career or were busy with someone else when they have actually missed someone else.

A simple question to you – Are you going to be one of those who at some point of life going to miss someone because you were too busy with yourself? Ambitions, Career or any material thing can be achieved or they can be replaced with new ones but if you have missed some relation – it’s not replaceable, ever! You may have overlooked someone who really cares about you because you don’t have time to notice them but they won’t remain there unless you ask them to be. Don’t be a looser.

I just want to make a simple request to you, give sometime to yourself, sit somewhere alone and close your eyes for a moment and think who are those who really care for yourself, who really give you importance to you and then think are you going to loose them because you are not giving them the importance they deserve?




6 responses

5 12 2009

yep, I agree and I live by that philosophy for the most part 🙂

7 12 2009

I wish u could have realized that earlier but I am happy u have realized….

3 03 2010

where are u ? not writing?

11 04 2010

Very well written!! 🙂

11 04 2010

Very well written! 🙂

28 06 2013
sam chakhap

yes i agree. before writing something here i want to tel you that now i m suffering from this stage. missing someone but i hate also. i dont know why? i think its crazy. finding the good decision is always be too tough. and i know this tough experience will show my way. that’s it. finding new way with new hope.

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