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23 08 2009

Friend: Why are you leaving so early?

Me: I have to go my home town.

Friend: Really, have a safe journey. I hope to see another blog post this weekend.

Me: eeh! RIGHT!

After reaching home and while talking to someone.

Me: Hey, I was thinking to write something

Some other friend: Really, write it down – it’s been so long you have not.

Me: Yeah i know. But i don’t feel like it.

Some other friend: stop thinking. Just start and you’ll get the flow.

So, the bottom line. I need to write. What i need to write, I know – but what i don’t know is how to put in words.

I had an awesome trip to norther areas (kaghan, naran, saif-al-malook etc) in last week. Really enjoyed that trip. Besides the enjoyment, I also realised few facts about life (as usual) and myself.

  • I still care for emotions. There are people in my life, whom i really care about. For those I can sometime do off the way things which i normally don’t do or I have made rules in my life not to do something like this. Doing these things for family, is understandable but for friends – I was really shocked to realize this thing about me.
  • I felt the feeling of somebody important not being around you! I thought migrane is the worst thing that can ever drive your head crazy; but there are worst things than that, which never get off your head. It’s nice to think about those people but sometime if you can’t contact them then definitely; migrane is nothing.
  • The last and the most important thing; We have made our life complex. For like 4 days, I was away from all this crapy life needs. I didn’t have any GPRS there, I didn’t have WLAN there. I didn’t have my laptop (though i have my E66). I have seen people there, who are living their lives in small huts. They are not at all worried about their future, their job, their profession. All they do is to get up early in morning and do the things for their meals. They have poultary, cow/lambs and that’s it. That’s their life. They have small beautiful huts just underneath the large mountains and they are not at all worried about “electricity”. They are not worried when there will be power to charge their mobiles.

    Their life is so simple. It made me realize that we bind ourselves to differernt needs, which are actually not our needs. Everyday, we are concious about something new. Someday, we think about which cell phone we need to buy now. Which computer GFX card is in market. Which car is going crazy on roads. Which resturant is okay. Is life really complex or we are the one who are making even the simple things complex?

    Let me not conclude anything, since I have already concluded things for myself. Conclude to yourself, just review your daily routine, review your life style and review what are things that “you actually need” and what are the things which “you have made your need”. If you remain neutral and possess good judgemental skills, you’ll definitely realize that life is way simpler than what we can ever imagine.




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24 08 2009
Safdar Nawaz

wel done sir 🙂

26 08 2009


24 08 2009
doesn't matter

ilfaz ager dimagh kee SOCH hon toh uun ka arrangement aur structure matter karta hai kyun k woh hum DOOSRON k leeyeh likhtay hain

ilfaz agar dil kee FEEL ho toh baki sab itna matter nai karta …. bus purity matter karti hai kyun k woh hum APNAY leeyeh likhtay hain

and YES U R RITE …. migraine is nothing

stay safe and always smiling

26 08 2009

I never thought that i can write my heart out!

24 08 2009

aaaa …. i sooo sooo agree with the second point !!! sometimes you need something badly, but even by putting so much effort you are not able to get it !! same as,, we miissssss someone so darn badly but we dun get to talk with tht particular person … this thing always drives me crazy !!! eeerrr

26 08 2009

adding up to you; not because of our limitations, we could not get hold of ’em caz of circumstances or the limitations that surroundings has put on us!. which just make us helpless and we are left with words only to express our helplessness (you will be lucky if someone value your those words).

26 08 2009
. . . SAIMA . . .

i wonder who the person is that has the potential to shook up ur emotions 😎

26 08 2009

first of all – that’s a secret.
secondly, you can guess the potential of that person who has potential to shake me .. ..

2 09 2009

passed by. thought to drop few lines. i like this post because it’s more close to the natural flow f yourself and is free from the intricate additions…..No wonder, some people (not only friends) deserve going a way off for! we shouldn’t limitise ourselves to do just one thing or the other for only a few people we make rules for. Hard and fast rules for things are crazy!

Regardless of the person who you felt for, let the moment make you feel more like a human and less like a machine who let you tear tender bits – let not go if it’s for a positive change!

Lastly, your observations are the sadly applicable; it’s traume of this age and even complicated for the next coming up! we have become so dependant on the technology trance!

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