Confused society

26 07 2009

We live in a confused society. There are lot of things which we have accepted from the society, which does not make any sense or at least are not rational. But we never realize those things either for the reason that we think it’s meant to be that way or we don’t bother ourselves on these little things. But the fact is, those little things make the basis for  change. A long journey begins with a little step.

Few things that I am going to mention here. It really makes me think why our society acts this way. Why we “prefer” to be like others and don’t like to be ourselves?

  • Few days back, we friends went to a shopping mall. It was Sunday and only “families” were allowed that’s why the  guard stopped us from entering the mall. I asked for the reason and he said only “families” were allowed, we said okay. At that very moment I saw a father with his son about to enter the mall and the guard stopped him as well, for the same reason. Now this thing made me curious. I asked the guard, why is he not letting them in. He said only “families”. I said he is with his son. “sorry sir, there is no female with them”. I said, “so when you say family, you mean there should be a female in the group”. He nodded. I asked, “you mean if a guy comes with his GF then it’s perfectly fine since there is lady in the group”. He nodded again. All this made me think that our society has itself imposed the concept of girlfriends boyfriends indirectly, and at the same time they oppose it. Hypocrites!
  • The second thing about our society. Obsessed. Obsessed to be like westerners. Obsessed to love western or any other culture but our own. One of the things I would like to mention here: If either a company or brand name is written in English, we call it cool but if the same name is translated in Urdu, we will never like it. For example, all of us believe “Honda” is a nice brand and it’s name is “cool”. Honda was the “name” of the guy who started this company. Now consider a local guy, named “aslam” uses his name as a brand name “aslam motors”, how many of us will consider it as cool as “Honda”? Consider other names as well. “Stallions” -> “Ghoray”.

These are only few examples. I don’t want to write in detail since it’ll be lengthy, but the theme is quite clear here. Why don’t we try to portray our culture, our “own” society and try to change the “wrong” things penetrated in our society? Why we care to do things just because our society “likes” or “want” those things that way? Why we think about society before making any decision about our personal or family life? We really got to think about this.

One of the things I would like to mention here: If we read some English simple name of company or brand we call it cool and if the same name is translated in Urdu or there is something like that. We will never like it



3 responses

27 07 2009

It has been like that for ages now, hasnt it? I have seen so many of people of South Asia decent desperately trying to be like americans, and I really dont get it. What is so special about Western society? it is more developed or is it that we are just too ignorant to think for ourselves?

10 08 2009

true people like to celebrate X-mas but not islamic events,as Islam is the most latest religion of the world so the latest fashion should be to cover ourself properly but … people have changed the definition of everything

31 08 2009
Well Wisher

Don’t criticize society. You cannot correct every one. You will never find a society where every thing is perfect. Just improve your self and preach what is correct. This is our obligation. Moreover there is no wrong in cultures. Honda is famous as they worked hard. If Aslam works hard then Aslam motors will be famous as well. How many of us thought of going to Dera restaurant or Village restaurant ? now they have become like hot names and people say proudly they had Aftari/Dinner at Village restaurant. When Aslam can compete Honda he will automatically get what he wanted but not before that. Good thing of any society must be acceptable to us.

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