**THE** headache!

11 07 2009

Yet another day with headache. I don’t remember exactly when did my bond with this headache started. I guess, its history is dated back when i joined the university. The hostel life, full of joy, pranks and fun gave this lifetime gift.

It’s become a part of my life now and I don’t remember how it feels to have a moment without an headache. The moment I start forgetting about headache, I get it by “any” means. Sometime migrane, or due to over work, or extra thinking (which i always do even when i don’t want to do) and if there is nothing then there would be some surprise of headache for me. But it’d be there.

It’s almost 2 days that I have not been able to sleep well. Don’t know but there is something stuck in my head. I am thinking it and thinking it and then thinking it – helplessly! Every little thing today is making me think.

  • Why people get so much attached to each other?
  • Why there is name of everything? Ever imagined a world without name of any human being?
  • How easy and realistically the Matrix concept is implementable on real life? Which programming language would be preferred?
  • Aah! that headache is painfull but can i remember the pain i had during my surgery? Time heals everything and all it gives; scars of memory.
  • If some elder is abusing someone, his kids start doing so as well. Without knowing “why” they are doing and this thing becomes part of their life. People fight for “nothing”? They abuse for nothing and they don’t even think that they are fighting over relegion. Come on, religion teaches the lesson of Peace and we are fighting over relegion? There has been fights over it in my village since 1960 and today was also one of that day.
  • We know there would be nothing left in our life, everything will be finish but even then things are so much important to us that we can’t even think “what would be if this thing isn’t there”. This actually leads us towards the feelings and emotions for that particualar thing or person. And in later case, we start missing someone.
  • All the knowledge of science is based on small peice of informations which helped to deduce big concepts (force, bonds, chemical reactions, photosynthesis etc). What if that base of science is wrong? There may be no atom or there may be some other significant thing than atom but scientists are not able to discover it due to lack of technology and vision!
  • Are emotions really meaningfull? Or they really matter to someone? If they matters then why don’t people care about emotions? and if these don’t matter then why they even exists?
  • Why heart interrupts the “thinking” process of brain? Did ever brain interrupts the heart job of pumping blood? Then why heart jumps in when ever brain has to make some decision which has *emotions* attached to it?
  • If you’d be given an option to live with only one thing either brain or heart, what will you choose? I’ll choose, emm, let me think, damn, this heart is interrupting again … … argh !!!
  • Can we really bear a person throughout our life?

Yeah, that’s true – I am having headache and all this crap is in my mind.




3 responses

11 07 2009

sooner or later u’ll get the answers of these questions but this aint the ryt tym

so just try to throw these things out of your mind and have some rest otherwise your condition will get worst !

16 07 2009
Doesn't matter

Nothing comes for free…everything has a price to be paid….. Living with “Heart” renders “Heartache” ….. either learn to live with “Heart” or “Heartache” …I have learnt to live with one of these also, u learn it too 🙂

31 08 2009
Well Wisher

Don’t think too much. Life is not so complex. Try to relax. Still if thoughts keep on coming then consult a mental doctor. One of my friends also used to say such things and finally he took some relaxing medicine from a mental doctor and now he is feeling fine. The headache, tensions, un-necessary thoughts come when we are not satisfied. Not satisfied from our self, from society, injustices etc. The day you start to accept things you will be fine. As a person our obligation is to preach good, work hard to earn Hilal, say thanks to Allah for what he has given us.

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