The Circle of life continues

27 06 2009

MJ. is dead. Everyone on internet is posting in his memories. The videos of his dance on youtube are getting maximum hits today. Facebook newsfeed is being bombarded with video sharing, biographies and other such thing related to him. He was, no doubt, an icon of entertainment industry. His life was full of drama, right from his childhood, through his struggle and till his death. He was either in newspapers due to his talent or due to his health (including plastic surgery) or due the cases.

Life has so much realities hidden in it which we willingly try to avoid. Death is one of those. I never forget this. I never try to run from this reality. Whenever I think about it, One questino always bothers me. What difference a person would make when he is dead? Look at MJ. He was one of the famous personality in this world and now he is no more among us. Will this make any difference to “any one”? Except for his family, who would be sad or would miss his presence for some time and then? The circle of life, continues. As I wrote above, people got some time today to hit on the sites which had some material related to MJ. They “honored” him by watching his videos or the content written about him. Then what? All will get busy in their normal routine. What effect this would have on MJ soul? I mean, was it really waiting for someone to come and hit youtube urls?

I just want to say that everyone is alone. Everyone has to face the realities of life by himself. I quoted some extreme example to explain this. Lets get little lower. When you are in pain, will anyone else can make a difference? It’d be you who will be suffering. Others would simply say, “get well soon”. Some will not even bother themselves to ask you this. But, whatever they say, it’d be you who are suffering. One thing that I want to confess here that yeah, there are few people who will make difference (at least you’ll feel that someone care about you).

But the bottom line is, you are alone. There is no one who is gona stand besides you in suffering a pain. There is no one for whom your presence would really matter. I really want to experience this in my life i.e; someone whose present would really matter to me. Your absence will make them feel that there was something missing to which they were “used to”. For sometime, they will miss you and then, the circle of life would continue either there would be someone who will replace you in their life or they would find some other thing better than you :). 




2 responses

27 06 2009
doesn't matter

When my hope makes me hopeless and there remains nothing around me EXCEPT silent screams of loneliness ,that is the time for me to smile……

29 06 2009
doesn't matter

yeh ALLAH kee hum say mohabbat hai k ooos nay hum may dobara heal honay kee takat rakhi hai….. Waqt ka marham har gham kee dawa ka kaam karta hai warna insaaan gham kee gehrayee may gum honay kee takat b rakhta hai…

zindagi hum ko wapis khenchti hai aur WAQT insaan k gham ko dhundla kar daita hai….. aisa na ho toh maayoosi insaan ko lapait may lay laitee hai aur zindagi may “zindagi” baki nai rehti.

it takes “minute” to make a relationship….. but it takes blood to “make” a relationship….

stay smiling,

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