Your flies are open!!!

5 06 2009

One of my teachers in university was attracted to a student, which somehow I knew and teacher also knew that I know. So, he always tried to avoid me while she is there asking her something about subjects or any question related to course. It was one of such day; I had few questions that I wanted to discuss with my teacher. So I was walking towards his office.

I found him in corridor standing with the “student”. Teacher was holding books in his hand and had a blushing smile on his face while talking to her. No sooner did he saw me, he was like “I don’t have time at the moment, go away”. I was about to leave suddenly i noticed that the girl is smiling while asking questions to him. Which confused me why she is  laughing and while chasing her eyesight i realized that my teachers’ trousers’ flies were open :|.

Now, I wanted to tell me teacher that there is something wrong and you could get embarrass later but my teacher was ignoring me continuously. Since i was notorious for pranks, whenever I tried to get close to my teacher to whisper him the secret of her smile, he pushed me away. I tried once, then again and again but in vain. At that moment I recalled the famous story of the king which gives “try try again” moral. So i tried for the last time, this time I was quite fast and didn’t gave a chance to my teacher to push me away. I got close to him and whispered, “Sir, your flies are open”.

He was explaining something to her and the moment he heard this he looked at me with an embarrassed smile, made a gesture as if he is tired holding up his books against his chest and moved his hands to down, covering the fly with books. Nice move. I went to class and waited for the sir to come and take the lecture. He was late and when he came he gestured to me to check if the flies are ok (he went to home and changed his trouser). I laughed and gestured, “Yes Sir”.




2 responses

5 06 2009
Aamir Mughal

i know the 3 characters of the story … :p

6 06 2009

@ aamir mughal
well actually there were 2 more characters to the scenario but their presence were negligible.

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