People I hate the most

29 05 2009

I am one of those guys who can be friends with anyone, without any discrimination, except for those who have these 3 specific qualities in their nature.

  1. A person, who have “I : میں” in his nature. Someone who is proud, has attitude and he shows this attitude to me. If he is friend of mine and he brings his self among the “friendship”, literally I can not bear him. I don’t understand why don’t such people think that who they are and what are they trying to portray of themselves? I mean, if i compare myself then i am no less than anyone among my circle. I had been excellent in academic, Won silver medal, studied what i wanted with good grades, proved myself professionally and living a life that people desire to live. Even then, I never proud of myself. I really have to think “What should i be Proud of?” For my success; which lasted for sometime and now no one remembers it except me. For my smartness; which people say that i am but how long will this last, 1 year, 2 year or 10 year. For my achievements; which is again not an ever lasting thing. Reason for writing all this isn’t that i am pessimistic, I am just one of creatures of God and I know that if He has bestowed upon me something then He can take it away from me as well. I am always dependant on Him. If i know that I am always dependant on Him then Why should i be proud of and for what should i be proud of?
  2. A person, who gives more importance to materialistic things than the bond he shares with someone. Someone, who always thinks about money before the bond. I hate such people whose sole purpose of this life is to earn, to save. Who count the importance of person for the fact what he is earning or at what position he is at. It sounds non-practical in my nature but i believe in it. I believe that If you believe in God and He has pushed you into some difficulty then he is going to arrange solution for you as well. Then why live a life in thirst of more and more money and not spending that money for those who are needy.
  3. A person, who does not respect the other for the reason that they are older to him or they are also humanbeings. Rather, he treats him on the basis of position they are at. i don’t know why these people think that if the other person is sitting at the office door, in hot weather and you are sitting in a room under an imported AC, should be the only reason of behaving harshly with them? The greatness of a human being isn’t in respecting others who are at a higher level, but the greatness of a human being is in respecting someone who is at a lower level than themselves.

It might take you long to be at some good level before me but it’ll take just a moment for me to start considering you among those whom i don’t care of,  if you possess any such qualities :).




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29 05 2009
cloud of my thoughts! « Something for life

[…] yet i bet. For me the people and the moment matters which would be the result of this bet but for people “money” matters which they are going to loose or win on this bet. Don’t worry, I have quit […]

9 06 2009
An Un forgettable Coincidence ...

1) I have an attitude problem.

2) I give more importance to materialistic things, bonds comes far later.

3) I am a person who does not respect the other for the reason that they are older to him or they are also human beings, Rather, he treats them on the basis of position they are at.

BUT before coming to conclusion …wont u ask how “one” DEFINEs attitude, Importance and bond, Respect and position 🙂

WORDs are CLOTHEs ,actually actions and feel under them defines what is REAL

stay smiling,

15 07 2009

i would endorse the “An Unforgettable Coincidence”‘s statement ending as;

*WORDs are CLOTHEs ,actually actions and feel under them defines what is REAL*

smiles !

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