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29 05 2009

For the first time, I am going to force myself to put something on this canvas otherwise i’d have to face consequences. Right now, I am in no where. I mean, i don’t know where to start and what to start. My mind is always filled up with gazillions of thoughts, hundreds of my own self made philosophies towards life and few pranks ;). But at the moment, I am just trying to find a head start for this blog entry and then I’d have to ponder upon it to decide some title for it :(.

Last night, I had one of the weird mood swing. I don’t know why, just out of no where, I started feeling bad, bad for nothing but i was like “I want to cry”. I want to run away, I want to quit everything and fly somewhere where there is nothing like mundane around me. My this post is going to be some random things about myself which might be connected or might not be. But as a whole, you can say it this post is going to be about “me”.

I am a complex being. Sometime, I really wonder who am I. At one moment you may find me as a social animal, who loves to party, who love to being around with friends. Making fun and enjoying things and on the other hand, you might find me as someone who wants to be alone and silent, always! I am one of those people who want to have someone, at least someone, always around him or always being connected but i don’t find anyone around me, anymore and i don’t want to act like someone stupid waiting for someone (I am not writing some fairy tale). I can live my own.

Things had made me realize, that through out our life we are waiting for big moments of happiness and we always miss small moments just because of we are expecting and waiting for something big (no doubt size does matter :D). I bet a lot, not for the reason that i am a gambler but for the reason that i don’t want to “wait” for some big moment so that we friends can gather to have some time together. I just bet, to make some event to have sometime together and sometime i just bet even though i know that i am going to loose, for sure but yet i bet. For me the people and the moment matters which would be the result of this bet but for people “money” matters which they are going to loose or win on this bet. Don’t worry, I have quit this habit now.

Yes, I am one of those person, who don’t want to go with the flow of life. It’s either that I struggle hard before i give up or i really change the things to my favor (with God’s Will). There are 2 things that i believe a lot, Allah and my struggle. I am one of those guy who will even try for that thing about which I am 1000% sure that i am not going to get it, but i’ll try, for the reason that in my life i don’t want to have the word “I wish : کاش” i’d have tried for this at that time. There is nothing like “I might have won it”. There is always “either i won it or i loose it”.

I talk a lot. Talk for no reason, argue for no reason. I argue not for the reason that i have to prove myself best or i have to prove that no one can beat me. I argue because i just want to talk 🙂 and if i really have something else to talk then i don’t argue. You may say me a hypocrite sometime (which i am not), for the reason that at one moment in some group i might be supporting and defending one side and at some other time and in some other group i might be against this side. It’s not that I don’t know at which side i am (i am always pretty sure about my views and my decisions) it’s because that I just want to know the other side of coin.

There are still a lot to write which i’ll write in follow ups to this pots. Adding more text to this post will definitely make this one a sleeping pill for you :). See ya around, hopefully i’ll get sometime for it’s followups (someone going to push me again to write it 😀 – hopefully :$).




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29 05 2009

You show the signs of the typical youth in the world. Trust me, you are not alone in this and sooner or later you will figure yourself out (for the most part anyway).
I know I went through the same thing 🙂
Good luck!

15 06 2009
doesn't matter


22 01 2013
brian ofsie

My brother suggested I would possibly like this website.
He was once entirely right. This post actually made my day.
You cann’t imagine simply how a lot time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

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