synchronous call in my life!

25 05 2009

My life has been stuck at a “synchronous call” to my dream.  Everything that i am planning or had planned is in wait for the result that I am waiting for.

If you happen to be an engineer then it’s fully understandable to you what a synchronous execution is. However, if you are not then let me expalin you a little.

A synchronous execution is an execution in which only one task is executed at a moment and all other processes wait untill that task isn’t finished.

So, I had a dream and I am working hard for it to make it true. My all other plans towards my life aim are on hold just because of that one particular dream. Whenever I was trying to do something out of way, I had this thing in my mind that I must wait until my dream come true.

  • I wasn’t switching my job; i was waiting for my dream to come true.
  • I wasn’t setting up my computer (without which i can’t live); i was waiting for my dream to come true.

These were only few little things that i can metion here. But there are lot of which I didn’t do just because of the reason that “I am waiting for the results of my dream”. I do pray (and request you to pray for me as well) for a +ve result of my dream but now i have planned that i should not wait for the result. I am hoping for the positive response but meanwhile I am going to prepare myself to live for the negative response as well.

Yeah, I have decided now. I have decided not to live my life like an synchronous call to some process which is being stuck in process eating up millions of process’ clock cycles. I am going to treat my dream as asynchornous call to a method, planning and executing my other plans as well and the result is:

  • I am going to join new company, finally (but which one, i still have to decide)
  • I am going to setup my new PC; it’d be either a desktop or some laptop.

I am going to “hope for the best” and going to “prepare myself for the worst” 🙂




One response

25 05 2009

I think we all go through the same thing from time to time… and yes these “executions” are tough but if we are patient enough, we will be surprised by the results. Good luck 🙂

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