Can we really change our destiny?

10 05 2009

It’s been long that I have been into this blog to put down something in my words, until I read this blog.

Do you really think that we can’t change our destiny? I truly believe that we can change it. To understand this I’d say that you first watch Dr. Zakir Naik video about destiny. In which he has explained it in a pretty decent way. There is no doubt that there is a destiny. It has been written that what is going to happen in one’s life. But it’s not actually what it is written. It’s that all the way you are given with choices, to choose from “a” and “b”. The destiny means that you’ll be given the 2 choices and the choice you made is something you’ll be punished/rewarded for.

So eventually, one thing is clear; that the choices are written. However, the difference that you can make is where you have to choose, which is the point where you can actually change your destiny. But whatever the choice you made is also written :), not in hardcoded form. So, you have to pay, you have to work out something to change that “not hardcoded” form of choice into your desired choice. How would you? Emm, that’s the real question. Let me try to put my answer here.

Suppose, hypothetically, there is written in your destiny that you’ll reach to “point A” which you don’t want to. You have aimed and want to reach at “Point B”. For this, you have to go through some preparations, some tests. Which are Praying (for sure) and working hard, struggling to get what you want and during all this time, God will continuously keep you testing. He will put different tests on your way, the tension, the restlessness and the mental trauma you may suffer during all this time. Now, if you are determined and strong enough to bear all this with all that “solid hard work”, then it means you did your job and you’ll be paid off with your reward, i.e. “Point B”.

There is a saying that “How would I know that the problems that I am facing is some sort of punishment or the tests” and the answer was given as “if those problems are bringing you closer to God, then those are tests, otherwise the punishment”. Yeah, that’s the thing in above case. If you don’t lose your ground during your struggle to reach at your aim, you’ll get it. This is the thing, which Allama Iqbal said in his shair (the most favorite one of mine)

خودی کو کر بلند اتنا کھ ہر تقدیر سے پہلے
خدا بندے سے خود پوچھے بتا تیری رضاء کیا ہے

Khudi ko kar buland itna kay har taqdeer say pehlay
Khuda banday say khud puchay, bata teri raza kya hai
(Increase your selflessness to such heights that before creating each destiny, God himself would have to ask the human ‘What is your opinion about this’ “.)

Believe in God and keep struggling. But remember, be optimistic and believe in the “cost” that you have to pay if you really want to get something which is not meant for you and if you remain pessimistic you’ll end up as a rebellious, rebellious to your aims, to your strength or may be to God as well.




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10 05 2009

We must pray to Almighty Allah, to show us the right path, to give us the power to decide, decide whatever is in our best interest (which only Allah Almighty knows).

I think there must be a “tree of fate” containing different combinations leading to a path for every human being, which is ultimately to the destination.

This is just a thinking.

Allah Almighty knows the best.

11 05 2009
Hafiz Zeeshan Mahmood

We can not even change our clothes by ourself destiny tu door ki baat hay…………
because Sub ALLAH kay Hukam say hotaa hay , though ALLAH has given you choices but if you say that because you have selected choice A that why something happened then its totally wrong perception.
you should think like because ALLAH kay hukam say tum nay choice A select ki and ALLAH kay hukam say hi uskaa result happen hoaa………………. you can not take any credit for that… i hope i made my point clear……….is it?

11 05 2009
Curious HARD

Nice description… as some people take destiny as somewhat written that cant be changed.. so no need to do or effert for anything.. as what is written will get sooner or later. and some even don’t believe that there is anything like destiny..

this article helps to understand what actually destiny is. and we can plan and make improvements in our thinking and faith.

May Allah help us all understanding the true sense of Islam and its teaching and help us to follow islam truely.

11 05 2009

@ Hafiz Zeeshan Mahmood
I have few concerns about your way of explanation. i’ll post that question in the group since it’d get lengthy here.

@ Rest
thanks 🙂

12 05 2009
Zahoor Ahmad Gorsi

To some extent i agree with ali. Allah has just few things in his Life , Death, Izzat (respect) , Zillat (disrespect) and rizq (earning). Rest most of the things are in our hand which we can achieve as you have rightly mentioned through dua (prayers) and hard works etc. BUT Allah does know what you are going to achieve and how you are going to achieve. Its just like that A teacher does know that this student will fail and this will not because he is looking at students behaviors, efforts and mind. Same goes for us, its upto us how we change our destiny (except those 5 things) but Allah in advance does know what we are going to choose (which options) to change our destiny.

12 05 2009

@ Zahoor
Yeah, Allah knows ALL. There is another way of understanding this concept. It’s like, you got a time machine and you go to the next time and then come back. you know what will happen next. Since, you would have seen me writing this blog, you’ll come back to the time and can say or write in your diary that ali will going to write this blog.

It’s the same thing. When the universe was created and Allah asked the “Pen” (qalam) to write (i don’t remember the exact verse), it wrote down everything (which we refer as loh-e-qalam). So everything has been written that this will happen and this will not. but still there is power given to us to choose from the RIGHT and WRONG. That’s the choice whose decision is going to take us either to heaven or hell 🙂

May Allah bless us all.

12 05 2009

Agreed that everything is written

But what about the night called “shab e miraj” in which we hear that Allah Almighty make all the decisions and write down the fate ??

Correct me if i am wrong

WaAllah Aa’lam

12 05 2009

@abcdefgh AKA zee

everything whatever is gona happen has been written (loh-qalam) in a separate place. now I personally believe that on “shab-e-miraj” things are transformed to personal diary of that person.

THATS MY PERSONAL OPINION. I may be wrong, or there might be some better explanation.

13 05 2009

Lovely article. Leaves you thinking positively by the time you reach the end of the article.
Good thoughts compiled in an immaculate manner.

14 05 2009
Palvshe Khan


Really very good post!

Being a teenager, I’m still exploring myself. As you know teenage is all about carefreeness so i never thought much about these type of perplexed things.

* Its not the chance we take, But the choice we make that determine our destiny *

May ALLAH be with us, always !

14 05 2009

yeah we can change our destiny by our efforts.

29 05 2009
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17 06 2009

Very well written,an answer to so many things,yep we can change our luck by our deeds,by our choices,sumtyms we dont know what is actualy right for us,our destination is always there for u but its we who dont recognize it.I want to share an incident here regarding this…May ALLAH g 4give me If I do any mistake writing this incident…”In the time of Hazrat Musa [A.S] There was a man who had not any children,the couple always cry for a baby,Hazrat Musa felt for them and asked from ALLAH g y he did so?he can give a baby to them,ALLAH g said:Musa the baby isnt written in their destiny.After sum years Musa [A.S] came through that place again and found a little boy playing infront of their house,he was shocked to see this all,as it wasnt written in their destiny,he asked from ALLAH,y did u bless them a baby if its not in their destiny,ALLAH said years back I asked sumthing from u MUSA which u didnt give to me,he asked what???Allah g said: I asked a piece of human meat from u for the well being of my creature,u asked from everyone even that man but nobody gave it,at night that man cut sum pieces from his body n put them infront of his house and said “GOD take it if u want it for the well being of anyone u want” ALLAH said:”Musa even u was a human being but u didnt give me ne piece of meat,thats y I blessed that man a son,he changed his destiny by his deeds” My colleague told me about this incident n I was so much impressed by it,our just little “Yes” or “No” can change our destiny.A very nice article u wrote … keep writing (y)

14 07 2009

a very nice thought – keep going!!

just a question – Everything is pre-destined – we are to follow the act written for us; we are the characters of a show – life show – already planned and designed – what are we to execute? the same well-coded composition? can’t change the role, the character – can’t change the lines?

like are we thrown from top of a hill? – to die, to spare, to save, or to be rescued by some is not in our hands – what options can we think of then? or choose? or make up? A B C or Z – none! what are we to do? ……. run a dog race or follow like a sheep, what??

11 08 2009

“How would I know that the problems that I am facing is some sort of punishment or the tests”

Or perhaps gifts.

Your problems, your circumstances are relative – and how you come to view or what you believe them to be. Tests, punishments, pains, problems, challenges – are all but name for varying degrees of belief (yaqeen).

Life circumstances serve one major function – and one only – to pull you back towards the awareness of higher purpose, higher reality, truth – God.

Thats why everything is a gift from the Creator – to bring you back towards him.

3 04 2010
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18 01 2012
Naveen Sameer

yes ali i agree that ALLAH can change our destiny.i have some other information abt this that….there r 2 types of destny..TAQDEERE MUBARRAM,TAQDEERE MUALLAQ.
TAQDEERE MUBARRAM could not b changed,its unconditional(ye hona hai or ho k he rahe ga by ALLAH).
TAQDEERE MUALLAQ could b changed by our struggle n effeots n dua!yes as theres a hadees that DUA K ALAWA KOI CHIZ TAQDEER KO NAHI BADAL SAKTI.
as it is also by our great poet IQBAL …..Nigahe mard-e-momin se badal jati hain taqdeeren!!!:)

3 06 2012

I am baffled. Can good deeds, prayers and alms giving change ones time of death?

19 05 2013
Vijay Kumar

I want to know that I am suffering from Syzhophernia ( a mantal desoder ) So, I want to tell u it is include in my destiny & I have many aims & I can’t achive any one.
I have many Q. like why did a child born on the earth, who write humans destiny ?

3 09 2013

I can’t give an explanation to this question. But I might be able to try explain you something. If I ask you to draw a picture of living organisms, like any living organism, or create a new creature on paper. A creature which doesn’t exist on face of earth. I can put $1000 on it that when you will be done drawing it, You will have a picture of something, which has eyes, face, mouth, limbs etc. My Q is WHY? Why you think that a living organism have to have these things? A simple answer to that is that because we are bound with our imagination and the knowledge that we have SO FAR. We can’t think beyond that.

Thats when I would tell you, that there are certain things which we can’t answer because we don’t have knowledge of why those are happenings and in my belief, only God has that knowledge.

P.s: it would be a totally different story if i had to explain to an atheist.

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