just before end!

5 09 2007

Few days back, I had chance to visit my grand ma. It’s been quite a long time that I have visited there place and when I reached there, I was warm heartedly welcomed by all (my aunt, uncle and grand ma). I stayed there for a whole day and had lots of chit chat.

My grand ma is very old. She can hardly walk but all the time she is offering prayer or praising God.  I don’t know how but I started thinking the days when she was young. Just like us. She would be as charming, full of life, passionate and aim full. She was energetic just like we are energetic today and hence she has lot of thinking other than thinking about *her last day*; Death. Those days, she had hardly thought about this thing, not because she doesn’t realize this fact but because she had lot of other things to do. Her relatives, her duties and her own life interests and being busy in those duties she had totally forgotten about this day.

I don’t know what her attitude was towards religion or how often she used to prayer. But at least she didn’t use to think about her last day to that extent, she now may be thinking.

Just imagine a person who is sure that any day can be his last day. He is saying this word and he is not sure that will he able to utter the second one or not. Imagine a person for whom every passing moment is another blessing since it’s not his time of death. How humble will he be? How devoted will he be towards his Religion?

Now, consider our self. What are we? Most of us say and believe that there will be one day, our last day. But how many of use really live each moment thinking about this? Forget about moment, how many of us really think on each day that the next day can be mine last day, am I prepared? Each day, we are so much indulge in thinking our professional task, academic assignments or relatives that we don’t think for a moment of this. We might have been much humble, pious and obedient of HIM if we have this thinking in our mind at each moment, or at least daily.


Tell me, when you are gona think about your last day; each and every day or Just before your end?




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6 09 2007

Glad to find you posting again 🙂

It is truly inspirational. we are all so busy in this material world that we really don’t think about our end. We think we will live forever.
I, for one, at least try to be thankful to God for his blessings and sometimes keep in mind the big picture.
I recently wrote something similar in my blog…. you should check it out 🙂

10 09 2007

great !!

12 09 2007
Muhammad Ali Amin

@ $!d
Thanks 🙂

12 09 2007
Muhammad Ali Amin

@ Raajii
thanks inspirational girl. It was really an honor that you liked the post. Since it was because of your posts on your blog that forced me to write. Though, it’ll take time to be at that level, but now at least, i have started :).

19 09 2007

Wel Done my Boy
“how many of us really think on each day that the next day can be mine last day, am I prepared?”
tooooooo Great.i was one of the best thing i have read.

22 09 2007

ur writing is xcellent….

its really gud to realize the fact…:) 🙂 ….wt if ve realize that fact at the very begining…”OUR END”

ve use to think for a moment our last day but at the next moment ve forget what ve promised with ourselves and what ve should DO in future…

May ve have this blessing of GOD to consider the fact…and then ve feel relax here and here after….BYE

2 10 2007

we all know death is a fact. one day we’ll be no more! yet it’s easy to let go of this truth.

I don’t think it’s only death that we need to recognize. how about one day we’ll reach a point where we won’t be as strong, as healthy, as vital, as we are now?
one day we’ll have to depend on others more so than now.
ALLAH ki muhtaji tau hey hi, insan ki muhtaji say darna chahiye. ALLAH sab ko aisay waqt say bachaey, ameen.

2 10 2007

and u know what, having that realization should make one humble. to see those that have seen the stronger days, and need assistance now, we should feel humble. cuz what goes around comes around.

4 10 2007
Muhammad Ali Amin

@ ayesha
yup you are right and it is one of the fear that I have, “being dependent on others” 😦

anyway, thanks a lot for sharing and liking my blog.

4 10 2007
Muhammad Ali Amin

@ anisf
Thanks for your comments 🙂 do pray that we all remember our last day.

3 07 2008

impressive =)*

well i found it quite interesting, And somehow i do agree with your point of veiw. This is a fact that one day will be our last day, And after that our good and bad deeds will decide wether we deserve hell or heaven. we should always remember about our last day but with that we should also enjoy every ting moment of our life, Our life is so precious but you know these days nobody gives impotance to anything nobody is religious neither the teenagers nor the adults ( i am just telling about what i have experienced). Youth is totally spoiled, few peoples are left who are still close to their religion. Even the people who have read this blog have no effect of this or if they have some that is just for the time being.

anyway, we should always remember the blessings of God, And should always be thankful to him for everything in every state.!!

i just spoke my heart out, i think its got too off the topic 😉 ! !

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