7 08 2007
  • From the beginning of this world, till end, every individual in this world is following the same pattern of life. Only “things” are changed, but the “living things” follows the same pattern.
  • I believe that every thing in this universe is made for me, directly or indirectly. Like, if you say “what is the purpose of me(you reader) that i have been made for you”. Then i’d reply that your purpose is to read these lines that i have wrote. God knew that there will be a day when i’ll write these lines and HE made you to read these lines :).You’ll fulfill some other purpose for someone else, but for me, you fulfilled by reading these lines. Similarly, every other thing in this world is made for me, just like this Orkut is made for me.



2 responses

19 09 2007

wel said again wasay yeh 2 things tu app na bhi likhtay tu u r the one who taught me these two lines.
wasay yaar Orkut sirf app ka nahi hai Hum Ghareeb people ka bhi hai jaha hum apna time pas kartay hain

29 05 2009
cloud of my thoughts! « Something for life

[…] to start. My mind is always filled up with gazillions of thoughts, hundreds of my own self made philosophies towards life and few pranks . But at the moment, I am just trying to find a head start for this […]

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