… am i able to write?

7 08 2007

I always wanted to write but whenever i have tried, i was unable. It’s not the case that i don’t know what to write, it’s the case where i can’t get the ways how to write. I have seen number of blogs and they have given jotted down some simple thoughts in such a style, that you feel yourself glued to the post and you can’t stop reading unless the lines end.


Just read this blog

The thought, main idea was simple but the way it has been written is amazing. I have read Banu Qudsia, Ashfaq Ahmad and each line of this story had impression as if i am reading something writen by these personalities.


The minute details of thinking of a man, amazing! I can’t understand one thing that being a female, how could she (writer) had explained the feelings of the man in so detail. If i would have written down the story, i will have simply wrote “I got up and had a glance on her for a while and then woke her up”. šŸ™‚


But after reading that post out, I have started thinking the way she thought to write something like that one, Yeah! and i found that there is one thing missing in that part :). When the gril placed her head in his lap and said “I want to party, I want you to kiss me”, there must have been some devilish shine in her eyes, the shine which was reflecting her joyfulness, her craziness and all her happiness she will be having and feeling and it was that shine which made him lost in her eyes, for a while, he forgot everything around himself.


“Yes there is someone up there, happy with me, that’s why i am having with the beautiful smile which relax me from all my worries, with some glittering eyes which made me feel that there is someone who loves me a lot. Oh God! What a great happiness you have bestowed upon me, in this world :)”.




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7 08 2007

I am at a total loss of words. I never thought someone will write something so beautifully in the appraisal of my writing let alone compare me to Banu Qudsia (I love Raja Gidh as well).

You have just made my day, Sir!

I really appreciate your kindness and I hope that you continue reading and I am glad that I make people happy or at least bring a smile on their face through my writings.
I guess this has always been the whole point of my short stories šŸ™‚
Thank you again šŸ™‚

8 08 2007

Beautiful šŸ™‚
keep up writing .. never give up !
im ur fan since Now šŸ™‚

9 08 2007
Muhammad Ali Amin

Thanks raajii for reading out my lines; I hope that i’ll be able to write more.

Thanks for visiting and being fan of mine šŸ™‚

19 09 2007

Ali Janu Tabiyat tu teek hai na teri??
Yeh sub ali amin kay hee words hain na?still i m in shock that u can be so much good in ur words
well done my frd u r simply amazing yaar

11 04 2008

gudddddddd writing

wyz sorry for commnting on some1 elses scrap…….
but why ppl get STUN when emotions or facts are writtn by some1 they know…

wat i think is that most of ppl just dnt write or dnt save their precious thoughts as ppl will come to know….

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