14 07 2006
  • Don’t expect from others.

  • Don’t be sincere with others, it is the sincerity that lead to the expectations from others. Your sincerity may give you some nice friends, which are hard to find in today world. So in today world your sincerity will give you only the selfish people, who want to and will play with you.

  • I hate tears. Simply i hate them. But tears are the only things that describe your emotions and feelings for others. Let the others know about what you feel with your words and if you don’t want to say them then shed tears while you are alone, ALONE: know why, because I think that you should not make other people down with your those “MAGARMACH kay aanso” [actually this is what other will think]

  • Always ready to accept changes. Changes are the part of life, it can either be a sudden change, or it can be a slow one, but remember the change will be there, and it will remain there, arm yourself for it.

  • If you want to believe, believe in yourself.

  • Don’t accept things force fully which you don’t want. Fight for yourself, fight for the thing you wish to have, believe in yourself and know what, what i believe; EVERY HUMAN CAN CHANGE HIS DESTINY.Are you human?

this is what i want to adivse you! .. now ..




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30 08 2007

expectations are the tool to drive up your LIFE…….so no life wdout no expectations…………..:)

Sincerity cause you to have confidence about yourself in yourself, your LORD…….so dnt be insincere with anyone……coz if you gona be insincere with anyone, he will play the same TRICK and the WORLD will then just a “UNDHA KUWAAN”

your writings are really multi-directional…and SOOOOPerb

30 08 2007
Muhammad Ali Amin

@ anisf
you are right but in today’s world no one gonna give value to your sincerity. They will get benefit of your humbleness or sincerity and in the end you’ll be alone.

It’s really hard to find a sincere one in this world .. πŸ™‚ and if you find one then you are really a lucky person.

5 09 2007

but we have to make/force ppl to be sincere with their fellow beingsssssssssssssss….

you also try to motivate firstly yourself and then others to be gud wid others……….

GOd bless you…………….and really wish the best to EVERYONE………. πŸ™‚

5 09 2007

sincerity appears infront of you if you try to be sincere with your beings…………….

try to find out persons who can be upto your EXPECTATIONS….ALLAH will help you…

i wish you best wishes for that………….and also to everyone…………

i found your site really cooooooooooooooollllllllllll…and will forward you comments and as well as suggestions if found these to be OOOOKKKKK…

tc BYE πŸ™‚

19 09 2007

wel said about LIFE.
“MAGARMACH kay aanso” hahahhaha lolz yeh gals kay hotay hain ya ajj kal boys may bhi yeh tears hain
wasay yaar ek baat hai
i am Jealous after reading all this and thinking to write some thing as well

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